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 One of the most desirable and the most modern residential communities in Orange County is Newport Coast. Its initial master plan was laid out in the 1990s. Recent developments in the community have made it the most luxurious neighborhood in the area. The community is indeed varied with European Riviera-inspired planning starting from casual to the beautiful the modern homes.  It is perhaps the most beautiful community in Orange County California.

Newport Coast is strategically located between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. It is strategically located because it is standing between two popular beaches. Apart from that, the community has impressive views, which attracts people come from other parts of the globe. In terms of real estate business, Newport is the toast of many investors thanks to the exclusive and gorgeous neighborhoods, as well as impressive and custom designed estates throughout the community. The Newport Coast community is the hub of real estate business in the Southern California for the last several years.

The views are indeed wonderful and it covers such areas like the Pacific Ocean, Newport Beach, Catalina Island, as well as the Newport Coastline. The shining City Night Lights, and wonderful sunsets, in addition to wonderful recreational activities, compliment these.

Newport Coast architecture is unique because it is dominated by the Spanish and Mediterranean architecture. It does not end there, as it displays other great architectural styles like the Santa Barbara and Tuscan styles. All these are great and it shows that there are great choices to make.

There are different areas to choose from if you are looking for a luxury estate property. The most prominent among them includes those gated neighborhood in the Pelican Hill and the prestigious Crystal Cove. Of course, it is the dream of many people to acquire homes within the Pelican Hill neighborhood because of its proximity to the Pelican Hill Spa and Gold Course and the Pelican Hill Resort, which have won an award of excellence. Both Golf Resort and Spa located in Pelican Hill are outstanding places in California as they stand out as the best. Conde Nast awarded them the best Golf Course and the Best Spa in California in 2012.

Pelican Hill in Newport Coast

When it comes to Pelican Hill, you can choose from five outstanding neighborhoods. These outstanding neighborhoods include Pelican Ridge Estates, Pelican Hill, Pelican Crest, as well as Pelican Heights, and of course the famous Pelican Ridge. If you want real estate in Crystal Cove, it is in the southern part of the coast.

Crystal Cove also has interesting neighborhoods, which are Seabourn, the Strand, Seascape, the Nautilus, Tides, as well as the White Sails. This is a wonderful place to visit, because of the expansive views, which can stretch to Catalina Island in the distance. Many like it because it is located on top of the hill. Canyon Club is a recreational center located in the area.  The type of recreational activities offered here are unique. They are unique because apart from providing the well-deserved recreational activities, they equally serve as a social gathering center for people who come here for different activities. Crystal Cove has the most beautiful natural arena that is enjoyed for different social and recreational activities. Some of the social activities here include camping, hiking, horseback riding, and so on. Its sandy beaches make this the dream of many people to buy and create the lifestyle they desire.

Crystal Cove is included in the Laguna Beach Unified School District. It has schools for elementary, middle, as well as high school. The elementary school is known as the EL Morro Elementary, as well as the Thurston Middle School, and high school including the Laguna Beach High School. There are other interesting communities that make Newport a lively place to live, and some of these communities are the Campobello, Newport Ridge, Ocean Height, Rivage, as well as Pienza and several others.

It does not end there because there are at least thirty-six luxurious neighborhoods, the community has different and interesting things, which means the city has many things to offer to people who come to the community. There are different types of homes here and the cost of these homes varies.  the price can be anything from five hundred thousand dollars, which is the price for condominiums to twenty million dollars for large estates. 

Newport Coast students have the opportunity of attending the prestigious and award-winning Mesa Unified Schools. In addition to that, they can attend the Corona del Mar Intermediate and high school. The residents can also attend the Newport Coast Elementary school.

Newport Beach is indeed a great location and provides places and activities where people and can enjoy the Southern California lifestyle. The best shopping malls are located here. It has high-class restaurants dining places, as well as fashion island and entertainment spots.

Another good thing going for Newport Coast is the fact it is very close to the best freeways that matter in this county such as the Pacific Coast Highway, 55 Newport Freeway, as well as Joaquin Transportation Corridor and so on. Moreover, the community has one of the best hospitals, which is the Hoag Hospital. It does not take more than 15 minutes for you to make it to the hospital from the home. In the same way, the Irvine Campus of the University of California is very close. The place also features the best live entertainment center, which always is performing at Costa Mesa and it is just twenty minutes.

Newport Ridge 
This community contains six communities consisting of Aubergine, Montserrate, Provence, Rivage, St. Michel and Ziani. 

Pacific Ridge 
Contains four great communities of Belcara, Costa Azul, Cypress and Pienza  

Ocean Heights 
Communities include Perazul, Cassis and Strada. 

Pelican Hill
Includes Pelican Ridge Estates, Pelican Crest, Pelican Heights, and Pelican Ridge

Crystal Cove
Crystal Cove Sea Point, Crystal Cove Sea Crest, Nautilus, Oceana, Seabourn, Seacape, The Strand, The Tides, Watermark, White Sails and Windward. 

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